Thursday, December 6


Last night I came to realize (you'd think I would have recognized it by now) that what is being fought over at the moment might not be my health so much as it is how I appear to all of you. As I have been thrust into the spotlight, as it were, because of my sickness, especially the last few weeks, I have noticed the fight seems to be happening much more on a spiritual level than I have noticed before.

I don't know if I am growing more sensitive to it (probably not) but I have to say that even I have been able to tell lately that something has been going on spiritually that hadn't been before. (Traditionally I'm not all that sensitive)

After last Friday's loss it has seemed to me that the enemy has been trying extra hard to win something back for themselves. Last night I got angry about something and it took longer than normal for me to stop feeling like I really wanted to hit something. As you will know I am not an angry or a violent person by any means.

I've had headaches three days out of the past week as well. There are a lot of things that tells me that the enemy is trying to get something back in my day-to-day life. Some seed of doubt, or a seed of anger, or ... something.

I don't know how many of you believe in the active participation of the spiritual side on our every day lives, but it's real and it's something I need prayer and protection from. Not just now, but tomorrow and next week.

Prayer Requests:
  • Protection from spiritual things: anger, doubt, hostility, things that would drive a wedge between Lisa and I, hopelessness.
  • Protection for my physical body from spiritual forces: extra headaches, body not recovering, other problems that might arise.

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