Wednesday, January 23

Off to a good start

This morning Lisa went off to the Ronald McDonald house to serve there for a few hours and I sat down and pounded out a rough first chapter of my book. 5000 words, 8 pages, and 3 hours. Of course this doesn't encompass the emotional toil that looking back to May 2007 took on me. I'm not going to lie... I think this book is going to be very draining to write. While there are times filled with victory and laughter, I get to re-live every single let-down and bad report.

Who knows, maybe this process alone will be as educational as the cancer has been in the first place. I don't typically go back there and dwell for any length of time, so this is really ultimately, something new. Part of me is worried that because of the emotional strain that the general "openness" and "honesty" you get on a daily basis from the blog will suffer as I try to find some distance from the pain.

But in the end, while this blog is written for me, the book is going to be written for you. So there will be similarities, there will be differences, but there is a different audience to the whole thing in some regards. I'm not going to stop writing here simply because I had a lot of typing to do.

Thank you for the prayers and support. The fight continues, and I hope to share it with you here.

BTW: A big thanks to everyone who has donated this year, and for those who continued to donate from last year. (monthly givers) I am working on this year's batch of "thank yous" and hopefully between the book and work I can get these out to you before march. But you're not giving for the "freebies" (well, you might be... I guess it's between you and God on that one...) you're helping me with my medical needs. Thank you for those that have helped. I can't really convey what it means to me that you are all so generous.

I would appreciate some prayer as I tackle this book and spend time looking back at my own history that God would speak to me and let me know what He wants in it. Also my right side has been in a fairly decent amount of pain. Sometimes coughing pulls something in my side (why is it always the right side?) and it seems to have compounded. And lastly for wisdom in how I spread my hope.

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