Wednesday, January 16


There have been a few well documented cases lately where someone has committed suicide. The more recent one was because of bullying (by a federal prosecutor) and the other I don't remember other than one day they decided to end it all.

As someone who has fought for their life the past six years I felt like I needed to write something to someone out there who might be thinking about "ending it all".

 I am sure you technically know that suicide is wrong right? Not only is it illegal, but most religions frown highly upon it. But aside from that stop a moment and think. Look at me, the countless thousands, MILLIONS of others, who aren't just living, we're fighting to stay alive. Be it cancer, some fatal accident, poverty, hunger, etc etc. Life is something that changes, and it changes rapidly. There are so many options for changing your current situation, ending your life and inflicting deep wounds on the people who know you, isn't going to change anything.

Have I thought about it? Sure. There have been times in the past six years where I was like, "God, I am so tired of all the fighting." And it's been at those times where some of the most amazing things about my story have come about. Great friend's coming along side, remarkable changes in the state of my tumors, etc etc. If I had taken the route from the start of "you've got a cancer that you won't live through" and ended my life then there is NO way I would have gotten to see, meet, be a part of, everything that I have been a part of the last six years. Was it easy? Absolutely not. There is no way I would change it though.

Life is hard, there are pressures and evils on every side telling you you can't do it. Why not just give up and throw in the towel? Because to make it beyond those pressures, past the problems, makes you stronger, helps you see the stuff you were dealing with as the small and petty thing that it is/was in the eyes of God. And yeah, sometimes you CAN'T do it by yourself anymore. Tell someone, a friend, family members, or in the least cry out to God. He knows, He's there, and He loves you.

I can't tell you how much it hurts when I read that someone has committed suicide. Something that I have been fighting for and craving for years and they throw it away so callously. Please, if you read this and are thinking life is too hard, seek out help. Email me, talk to someone.  

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