Sunday, February 24


I was listening to some worship music this morning and in a couple songs there was the mention of "brokenness" and I found myself wondering if the idea of "brokenness" is really something that Jesus taught.

The only references to being broken that I could find were in the old testament. The Psalms are full of it... but in the new testament I couldn't really nail down anything. I then Google-d it to see if I had missed something (as obviously more Biblically educated people than me had probably looked into such things before me.) and I came across an article that asked the same question I did.

Ultimately my research has lead me to believe that "brokenness" is not a state of a spirit-filled redeemed by the blood of Christ Christian. Why? Because when we asked God for forgiveness of our sins, to enter our lives and be Lord of it and to cleanse us of our sins, He fixed us. We might have been broken (dead) before, but after the redemption of Jesus Christ we are no longer broken. We are made alive in Christ. (Eph 2:5)

What does this mean? It means asking for brokenness, is like asking to be dead again. God has made us whole, as the article above mentions we should then move forward in our maturity in Christ. Dwelling on the past, returning to a state that God has already fixed/saved us from is backwards. Jesus doesn't want us to be broken. There are traits that people tie into "brokenness", like humility, which He does want from us, but overall the idea of being "broken" isn't in the new testament.

I can understand that part of the idea of "brokenness" that some of the singers in these songs seems to encapsulate is the feeling of first believing, and the rush of emotions that came with being renewed, but again, that is something that is in the past. Moving forward in your spiritual maturity is important. The feelings and passions of starting something (Life in Christ, marriage, a new project, etc etc) isn't the way to finish. You mature past the child to become an adult. (1 Cor 13) The feelings are a great starter, but if you rely on that to get you through then you're not going to make it.

We are healed, saved, renewed and made alive in Christ when we accept His sacrifice. "Brokenness" is not something we should be seeking, wanting, or dwelling on. Moving on in our Christian walk and spiritual maturity and discover what God wants to teach us, and move us beyond the spiritual childishness/ youthfulness is what He wants.

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