Friday, July 12

Going Out of Doors in the Summer

The last few weeks I've been getting outside so much that it feels like a vacation.  Houston summers means staying inside (at least for wilting daisies such as myself), my office job mean staying inside (even in a work-from-home situation, computer screens don't play well with sunlight), and often recreation with Ben meant staying inside (usually due to his health, but sometimes his even greater heat intolerance).  But I do love me some fresh air, and the Seattle weather of late has been Heavenly.  For me, this is the most summery summer in years!

There have been picnics and walks on the Kirkland waterfront (including awkwardly eating Indian food out of tubs), kayaking in the Montlake Cut, hiking in the mountains and in nearby state parks, and lots of just plain walking and sitting outside.  A restaurant patio on the Harbor Steps - the steep slopes of the Seattle waterfront.  Various construction sites, with my local architect mentor.  A park in Maltby, near the Snoqualmie Ice Cream Co.  My friend's garden, as we ate raspberries off the bush and watched her daughter splash in an inflatable pool.  My sister's condo pool.  My brother-in-law's office deck, to watch the fireworks show over Lake Union.

All of this has been with a beautifully varied assortment of friends and family, who have rallied around me.  The relationships and conversations have been somewhere been distracting and healing.  I think the balance is mostly healthy.  It's a surprise.  I didn't think so many people would be eager to spend time with me now.  Hanging out with a widow seems quite daunting, especially one who is still due for her daily cry.  But God is giving people around me more courage and love than I bargained for, and that gives me hope for the future.

Also, I've been saying "yes" to projects lately, which has led to all sorts of adventures.  You all know one of them: Ben's book! I'll make sure to update as the projects finish up.  Right now, they are keeping me busy and stopping me from feeling so aimless - which I think is mostly a good thing.  Some projects are quite short and random.  I helped my sister throw her good friend's co-ed baby shower, and ended up spending the day making tea sandwiches and hanging out with a large, Filipino family. 

Less interesting  projects like re-assessing my budget and filing the mound of paperwork in my drawer have been postponed.  It's summertime!  I think Ben would have found this relatively carefree attitude refreshing :)


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