Wednesday, April 10

Well, I wrote 2 new poems today. Mainly inspired by my walk from my car to the computer lab where I have my computer class. Here they are for you to read and enjoy. I think I am rapidly moving towards actually publishing something. I have a lot of poems that I enjoy a whole lot, and the other day at BN we had a "poet" come in and well, honestly his stuff was horrid. (Not content wise, but poem quality wise) So I figured if HE was published then I shouldn't have much of a problem being published. We will see. I need at least 10 more poems though than the ones I have on, but we'll see what happens.
And now today's poems:
Dawn Dew and Drops of Dew, and You.

And a late addition I wrote when I went to pick up my sister from play pratice: Spring




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