Saturday, May 4

Hey All,
I know, and YOU both know I skipped my posting for yesterday. And well, I THINK I have a good reason. In the morning my sister and I (who was skipping school) went to see Spiderman. Great movie, well acted and well, it WAS Spiderman.
Then when I got home from that I tooled around a bit and then felt really sick so I went to bed early.
So that was yesterday and this weekend promises to be a good one. Working tonight, band tomorrow, working later that night. And somewhere in there I need to write 3 essays. *gulp* Any suggestions?! (One of them being on a book I am only half way through. (But my goodness. If you are ever looking for something to read and you like and can appreciate GOOD science fiction pick up Hyperion. Wow... the guy is a science fiction master.))

Well, I have to get to essay writing and then to work.

BTW: I did pick up Marrowind from the store. The game is HIGHLY impressive and I could see loosing myself in the game for whole days at a time. It provides a new way of gameplaying that is just beyond anything I've ever expirenced. (Only I don't HAVE the time right now to do that... =) )




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