Sunday, May 12

I know... I know it's been a whole DAY since I updated anything, but I've been busy. Yesterday I served Tea at the Lady's Tea at church. (And was also in charge of the server's the second time round) After that I had about an hour and a half to kill before I picked up Malia and we went to some formal her "House" at the UW was putting on. Anyway, the beef was good, her friends were fun. And I stayed up WAY to late. In fact I've been doing that WAY too much these past 5 days. I am still sick and staying up until 2am and getting up at 7 probably isn't healthy.

In other news, Dan is offically airborn on his way to Slovakia. Hope he was a good time over there. I REALLY wish I could have gone with him. That would have been an amazing trip. Maybe next time.

I have 2 tests to get to before I pass out from a total lack of sleep. (And have to get up tomorrow at 7 for school.)

Oh! One more thing, I bumped into a guy I went to high school with today at BN. (Or the 4th not-yet member of DC Talk) Tim, seems he has dropped out of Shoreline CC to pursue making music. I told him to send me a CD. I'll keep you updated.

Goodnight, and Happy mothers Day to all the mothers out there.



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