Monday, May 27

Ok... THE worst EVER telephone call I have had at work today. I have chosen to give you a paraphrased version because well, honestly I was a little red (with anger and embaresment) by the end of the conversation.

So the phone rings and I answer it. The customer then proceeds to ask me for 2 books. (Books along the line of deviant sex acts with close relatives (for dummies (I kid you not about the dummies bit))) So after he gave me the titles I just stood there waiting for someone to start laughing at me. No laughter.
He kept asking, "do you have them?"
So I actually typed one of the titles into the computer. (Although I would have DIED of embarressment had anyone came up behind me just then.) And the computer came back and told me that no such titles exsisted. So I told the "gentleman" (ok, that's a poor use of the word. "Pervert" is what I mean.) what the computer was telling me.
"But they're available online!" says the guy.
"Well then you should probably buy them online." I say.
"Are you taking a tone of voice with me?" He says. (I was. I was extremely close to hanging up on him.)
"No." I say.
"Well thank you for your servic" *click* end of phone call.

I have to admit I have never had such a hard time NOT hanging up on someone before. And I was honestly mad at the kind of trash that is available out there, and that someone expected ME to find it for them.

So tonight Ben got a lesson in the depravity of man, and came away feeling violently ill. But hey, Jesus died for all sinners, not just those that "only sin a little".



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