Tuesday, May 28

So the other night when I'm at work a co-worker and we came up with this agressive new selling tactic.

Are you a big book lover? Have you always wanted to have a huge library, but never had the space to put it anywhere? Are you tired of carrying around more than one book anywhere you go?
Well my friends if you answered "YES!" To any of those questions we have the answer for you right here. It's called the Oxford English Dictionary. That's right, this little beauty holds EVERY single book ever written inside of it! "How is that possible!" You ask. Well, with new technology we have unraveled the books and found common elements we like to refer to as "words" in each book. These "words" when combined with each other make up the storys you love so much. By simply combining the "words" in the Oxford dictionary ANY book, article, or flyer can become a reality.
Now I know what you're asking yourself now, "How much is all this going to cost me!?" Well, normally this item retails for a mere 50 dollars! But today we're giving it to you for $40! That's right $40!! And that's not all, if you're a reader's advantage member you'll save an additional 5% online bringing the total to $38!!
Don't delay, Order Now!
Offer void where prohibited, not substitutable for children under the ages of 8, extended exposure to Oxford Dictionary has shown increased signs of intelligence, use at your own risk. Not valid in North Dakota.

Yeah... give me 20 minutes and a good idea and WATCH OUT.. =)

Have a great Tuesday everyone, I'm off to work.



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