Monday, May 13

This morning before I started class I was sitting in the BCC parking lot, and I was munching on a loaf of bread that I had found in the car (being as I hadn't had breakfast) and I was thinking to myself how nice it is to be able to enjoy simple pleasures in life, like a loaf of bread in the car. And then I got to thinking: There really isn't anything that is all that "simple" these days. Here I was sitting in my 1998 Honda Civic DX, which is a very complex peice of machinery, and I have a computer in my pocket that is more powerful than what my dad used to run his business for 6 years, and the process to make the bread was probably done with a machine.

So I came to the conclusion that nothing is "simple". There is always some hint of depth behind everything. Even a "simple" sunset has all sorts of atmospheric stuff going on in it.



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