Tuesday, May 21

Well, I got back about an hour ago from Josh and Sheri's rehersal dinner. I seems weird to me that people I know are getting married. I think if we came into this life ALREADY 20 years old and hadn't spent years playing the sandbox with friends, and just hanging out, and girls were things that had cooties or that you didn't even realize they were girls, then it wouldn't be so weird to see people your own age getting married.
But the people getting married now are people that I new when they were younger. When they had other things on their mind other than spening the rest of their lives with someone.
I admire that though, the way that they know now that they want to spend the rest of their lives together. I wish them the best.
Almost makes me wish I was in that place, BUT God has other plans for me at the moment. And besides if I had told Josh 18 months ago he was going to be getting married in a week he probably would have laughed at me.



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