Tuesday, June 4

Last night and into this morning I was hanging out with Dan. We talked, chatted it up, etc. I got to see his film he did based off Ray Bradbury's book "The Martian Chronicles" Good stuff.

Since he's back from college he's been looking for a summer job. So it was funny when he showed me the application for "Dicks". (For those of you that AREN'T in the know "Dicks" is an old style burger joint in Seattle. Some people claim it's not all that great, but I think it's pretty darn good. I would make a trip to Seattle JUST to eat at the little drive up place. Anyway, it's a Seattle culture thing.) Anyway, the application was on a 4x5 card front and back. On bright orange paper. The BN applications are on a full sized peice of paper (8x11) and are covered front and back with small writing. I think we can all take a lesson from Dicks... and while you're there get a hamberger as well. It's good stuff.



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