Saturday, July 20

So, since everyone seems to be getting into this Blogging thing, my Brother decided to get into the action. A big welcome to the newest TibenNet addition: Adam Morrell.

This got me to thinking. And I found myself thinking to myself: You know... there might be other people out there looking for webspace on which to host a blog, so then I thought I might as well make an open call out to all you wanna-be bloggers. I would love to host your site for you! email me if you're interested. We'll talk.

Work today was good. I met a programmer from Gas powered games (the makers of Dungeon Siege) and helped him find some stuff that will make the completion of an expantion pack run more smoothly. So I feel now that I have some claim to fame as to helping GPG's to get their expansion pack out. I feel special.

I hope you're all having a good weekend! I know I am...



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