Monday, July 22

So work last night was pretty good. It wasn't as slow as like, OTHER Sundays have been. (I'm not going to say dates, for fear I those dates might be reading this. (And NO, May 12th you're not one of them... don't worry.) )

In other news, I had lunch with Dan today before he heads back to Cali for school and such. I also finished the George Martin book "A Game of Thrones" WAY better that Robert Jordan. Like, Mr. Martin is THE man.

In other news it is IMPOSSIBLE to rent a Mandolin. No one has them... but for the low-low price of $300, I can own one. Which is a debate... do I go try an instrument I have never played before, or do I shell out money for like new effects for my guitar?

Oh well... hope you're all haveing a great (hot) day. (It's 90 here)



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