Monday, July 1

So today was a lot of fun! I got up at 5am to get to work by 7am to make a "Lead meeting" and then I swung by the bank. Deposited all the cash I had collected from a week of work. I had a WHOLE entire day of NOTHING planned. I was looking forward to it. Neverwinter Nights, and George R. Martin. It was going to be great. Well, I got online after running around Neverwinter for a bit to find Jess online. We chatted for a bit, then we decided that I needed to swing by there to see about getting some matting done and to pick up my birthday present. (She painted me a picture) Then we walked her dog. (As you can tell, my "Nothing" day is slowly turning to anything but.) Somepoint as I was at Jess's house my cell phone went off and my ear was greeted to the frantic "hello?" of Mr. Erik Jones. Who it appears to have misplaced his web designer and had a client breathing down his neck to get a webpage done. Me being Mr. Second best, was called upon to play substitute Web Designer. (A role I think I play quite nicely... (Imagine the demand if you were Mr. First best.)) So after I came home I spent a couple hours making a website, that will probably be looked at and cast aside in all possibility. =) But oh well.
And as a final nail in the "doing nothing today" coffin, I put my picture that I acuired from Jess up on the wall in my room. And then I hung 2 of my swords up there as well. It looks nice.

Anyway, tomorrow it's back to work and the good old fashioned book selling fun!

Here's to the death of "doing nothing" days!


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