Wednesday, July 24

Sooo, in order to make a post for today I will tell you a funny little story before I go off to Hollywood video to drop off some videos I didn't do earlier today.

When I got into work this morning to look at the daily schedule I noticed that I, much to my shock and dismay, was NOT listed as working today. But on the weekly schedule I was supposed to work. So somehow, I had fallen between the cracks. When the manager was notified of this situation the words, "And Ben" were added to the bottom of the schedule. So pretty much I made my own schedule today... it was indeed kind'a fun being able to say, "No, that's ok. I'll cover Info during your break, I don't have anything else I'm SUPPOSED to be doing." =) But I got 7 bays scanned and the Dog section all alphabetized. (Which is scary (They bite))



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