Thursday, July 25

Today has been a long day. Work at 8:45 until 5:15ish, and then off to Ryan's house to hang with Megan and Ingrid (and Ryan of course). We had dinner, watched a movie and then it was 11pmish. So home I came to find my family all up and seated around in the living room. My first thought was something like, "Oh no... did someone die?" Second thought: "Wait... I don't have anything they feel they need to confront me on do I?" and my third (and correct) though: "Oh yes... my Aunt and Cousin are up from California. They are probably talking.

Some good news (some MORE good news) I have been given the "hook-up" on a good place to get a working Mandolin without shelling out several whole paychecks. =) We'll see what comes of that. I have a pretty big school payment coming up here in a bit.

Anyway, I am going now...



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