Monday, August 5

Today was eventful. I didn't get my guitar fixed, but I did go see "Signs" as well as going to the play testing.

First off: Signs: I enjoyed the movie. Very much manufactured to make you jump. I liked it. I thought almost all the actors involved were very good. It wasn't just well directed, it was well acted as well. Some might say it was a bit "corny", but I have to admit I enjoyed it. I would suggest if you liked his previous movies (6th Sense, Unbreakable) then you will like this one. If you like a little "thriller" movie every now and again, you will like this as well.

Second: Soooo, the playtest. After the movie I drove Jess home and then raced my way to Redmond in time to make the playtest. I got there, I filled out paper work, and then they moved me to a room with a bunch of people. Then in came a guy and called out my name, and he moved me to another room. Then after that room had filled up he came in again and called my name again. I started laughing and went with him. He told me that there were too many people (19 and they only needed 17) and that we were going to have to go. At first I was a little afraid I wasn't going to get anything for taking 45 minutes to drive to Redmond in traffic. And the guy was like, "But we're going to give you stuff anyways, sorry about not being able to play!" Hey, I could care less about playing. If I wanted to play I could play at home. I do it solidly for the money.

Tomorrow my training in Cafe starts... I will let you all know how that goes.



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