Monday, September 23

Hey Ladies and Gents! Survived the first class of the new school year and here I am in my next class. This is of course the first of many "from school" posts. I'm sure you'll learn to love them as I do.

The hardest part of my day thus far has been finding this place. That's a story I don't know if I want to go into at this moment. But I wasn't late or anything and I REALLY enjoy North Campus MUCH more than the "real" campus. (Or High School with Ash Trays as my previous teacher called it.)

In other happy news it seems that BCC is going to be developing a Computer Forensics program to start up in Fall 2k3. Which of course gives me a ton more to think about. (Do I go to SPU now? Take the Forensics program and THEN go to SPU?) Either way I am probably looking at another 4 years of school if SPU is going to be in the equation at all. (Not that I mind or anything)

That's it for now. I have to admit that my previous class looks like it will be fun. I am hoping that Cisco 2 is better than Cisco 1. (For it was scary.)



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