Friday, September 6

If every night of my vacation is like tonight, it will be fun. Thomas and I went to the Phil Keaggy concert in Bremerton tonight.

Phil Keaggy is simply amazing. I had a good time watching Thomas be amazed at the ability of Phil, but it was very good.

The concert was at the Roxy in "downtown" Bremerton. I say "downtown" because this is what downtown looked like at 5-6pm. Think dead. Think everything closing at 5. Think 50% of the buildings being abandoned. It was very much like a Ray Bradbury novel. But we found a place to eat. Thomas had water. We ordered Pizza and I have NEVER in the US tasted Pizza that was so incredibly close to the stuff I had in Italy. I was very impressed. It was like the best of US pizza and Italy pizza. It was good.

Well, camping starts tomorrow (later today) so you won't hear from me until something like Tuesday. So have fun, be safe. I'll have pictures when I get back!

P.S. I know nothing about Gumshoe Goldfish... honest.



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