Sunday, September 8

So here's the deal. Friday night, I got to the campsite, and setup and got it looking pretty good. It was VERY cold at night, but I could deal with it. I woke up with birds chirping, and the sound of the river flowing by outside. The sun was up and I got up with it. I ate breakfast out of the back of my car, and then decided to go drive. I drove around lake Cresent (pictures to come), and then I drove out along the top part of the peninsula and took some pictures. So anyway, I get back to my campsite about 3, the rain starts at 5ish, the rain doesn't stop (at least for any great period of time) until this morning around 10 when I decide that I am cold, wet and the tent is starting to leak, and it is now time to leave being as the weather report says, "rainy until Wednseday". So home I came.

Adam and I are heading up to Canada tomorrow... maybe we'll go clubbing or something... =)



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