Monday, September 16

Was at work today for 12 hours and came home (eventful, I know). It's been a long day (needless to say). And one that has been prone to make me tired. Tuesday and Wednseday I have off, so you can bet I will enjoy the time off. Finally got my paychecks today. (The ones I was supposed to get on friday) So I can now make the car payment that needs to be made.

In other news: As I was out walking around today between my morning meeting and starting work, I found myself thinking more and more, "Boy, that would be a cool picture to do in black and white..." So I REALLY hope it rains tonight, so that tomorrow I can go and get some interesting pictures. We'll see at least. You know it's funny, I haven't seen much (read: nothing) on digital black and white photography. But I was glancing through B&W Magazine today at work and it's almost shameful what they consider a "black and white photo". For instance: one guy that had some very cool pictures, combined 3 pictures he took via photoshop and then used some process that probably costs as much as my car, and re-applied the edited picture to film. I was like: Wait a second! That's cheating! (Although the pics are very cool. A mind bending combination of daylight and night-time pictures.) I still think it's cheating. I bet being as I use digital that people would tend to think that what I do isn't "real" photography. But if you include digitzing at any point I think that takes the "real photography" title away from you.

Anyway, so that is my new discovered hobby. We'll see what kind of nifty little pictures I can create with my simple little digital. (I find myself wondering if the Nikon Coolpix 5700 or even the Nikon Dx1 can do black and white. (The Dx1 is my dream camera, but I don't have the 4k to shell out for just the body.))



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