Thursday, October 24

I don't know what it is, but some nights at work I just get hyper. Maybe it's those days I have been dead tired all day and when it comes to closing/ being around people for 8 hours I just start going CrAzY. So here I am wide awake and having a great time.

I checked out Dave Barry's new novel from work tonight. That should be a fun read. I am looking forward to the humor that will flow forth from this funny man.

Several other funny things of note from the store tonight: 1st off: Linux 7.3 for Dummies. Comes with the Linux 7.3 OS on CD in the back. Obviously the person who decided they needed to steal the CD should have just stolen the whole book. I mean the linux OS is free. That was the only thing on the CD. *sigh* some people. 2nd: I find it entertaining that people need help finding the SELF help section. 3rd: In my music section in my zone at work we have this new book in the Rap/ R&B section called, "Who Shot Ya". Which I think is just stupid and crazy. It's a book of past Rappers who have been shot. It's like a coffee table size and style. Deffinatly doesn't scream "classy" if you sported THAT on your coffee table.

That wraps up tonight. More work tomorrow I will have some more goodies for you...



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