Saturday, November 23

All day today I kept thinking it was Wednseday for some reason. I think mainly because each night of the week at BN has a certain feel to it. It'll be quiet at a certain time and then speed up at a certain time, and tonight was like a Wednseday night.

I can start to see the holiday rush picking up. People asking for books that they need sooner rather than later and aren't willing to wait for it.

Of course the most asked question of the day: "Do you know when Harry Potter 5 is coming out?" at which point my manager (who was at info the good part of the day) would turn to me and say, "Ben?" And I would lauch into my spiel: "June or July is the expected rumor date, but in a resent interview she said to expect the book sooner rather than later. But she's also pregnant so we don't know what effect that will have on the next book, which she says will be bigger than book 4."

I sometimes feel like We need to start a TV show like "Access Hollywood" where we just talk book rumors and what-not. Of course working for Random house or something like that would be great as well and be privy to all sorts of stuff like that.

I'm off to read. 3 days off this next week. I'm excited.



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