Tuesday, November 19

Cisco lab final tomorrow... we'll see how that goes. I can probably safely say I have never spent this much time studying for any test before. (Go ahead, chastize me if you want, but 7 hours is more time than I would normally spend on a test.) But being as this is pass or fail, I think I will give it a much better attempt than other tests. (It's funny how things change when so much is riding on the line. =) )

So this evening DC Talk's newest song "Let's Roll", based off the thing that guy said on September 11th on the airplane, has been keeping me energized through the later part of this evening. It's a pretty good mix. If you happen to have a chance to listen to it I suggest you do. (Or if you live in my house you've already HEARD it booming through the floor... =) )

Haven't had much time to read as of late, but I picked up the book I was working on before my long week started and I have to admit I would much rather have read today instead of studying. Ahh, but such is life I am afraid.

Tomorrow is my brother's 19th birthday. In honor of the event (or something like that) he redesigned his website. (And the redesign is for the better I think. (Oh... and I took that picture on his website...))



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