Wednesday, November 27

James Bond's 20th movie, "Die Another Day" is, in my humble opinion, the finest Bond movie ever created. Having seen a few of the flics I have to say that I enjoyed this one the most. (A large part of this might have been the fact that swordplay was quite a large part in this movie) Despite the fact that I don't like Halle Berry, I think it was very well done. Rosamund Pike also pulled in a wonderful performance as the Miranda Frost. I would think that going from Oxford plays to Bond movis might be kind of a step downwards, but a couple famous people did start out as "bond girls". Hopefully we'll see more of her talented abilities.

Of course no Bond movie is complete without the gadets, and this movie had it's fair share of them. The "cloaking" car had to be my favorite toy. Yet another reason I liked this Bond movie was the fact that the puns were so wonderfully setup and executed. I thought it was marvelously funny.

Anyway, I would say it's worth what you pay to see it. (Assuming you don't pay 200+ dollars) Next on my list of movies to see is Treasure Planet. We'll see if I can ever find time for that...



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