Saturday, November 30

Yesterday wasn't so bad at BN. It seemed to be not as busy as I thought it would be. It was busy, granted, but not as mad as I thought it would be.

After work I went over to a post-thanksgiving party at Ben and Kari's "house". It was an interesting expirence. There were 2 married couples there (my age-ish) and One married gal without her significant other, and a set of people who are getting married at the end of December. So all told there we 5 marrieds and 2 going to be marrieds, and then 4 other's of us who were single. It was really interesting being as I have never really hung out with married people that I consider friends, who are my age, before. I guess I am really used to being young, and the thought of starting a new life/ changing my life like that just tweaks my world all in knots.

Off to Day 2 of the "Holiday Season".



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