Tuesday, December 17

I guess I should say something before I go off to bed:

Today was great. Had a lot of fun hanging out with Ian and Dan. First we went and saw Equilibrium (which, if I can say so, is WAY cool. A touch more violent than the Matrix, but much much cooler than the matrix. I felt that the story was just as good as the action. Very much worth the money I spent to see it. I would even be tempted to see it again.), then we did some shopping. (Aside: you know, shopping with Dan and Ian was DRASTICALLY different than shopping with Megan and Ingrid and Ryan. We got done today MUCH faster. =) )

After shopping we went to the Speghetti Factory, where we had a nice meal of noodles and bread and headed back to Dan's house where we watched a movie. It was fun, just hanging out. Tomorrow when I'm not so tired (and between work and waiting for the Next Lord of the Rings movie to show) I'll post some of the pics I took today. I got at least 3 good ones.



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