Tuesday, December 17

I was originally going to call my little Photo Expose: "Three Fellas, and their Umbrellas". However. I forgot my umbrella, Ian didn't bring one, and Dan didn't have one in the Mercades. So, with that said, I present to you: "The Photo Expose that was going to be Titled Three Fellas and Their Umbrellas"

First off, let me say that I enjoy working in black and white. Sometimes black and white DOESN'T like me, but as a whole I like it. This day seemed to be just right for taking of pictures. I came away with a goodly number of pictures that I think actually look good.

The first picture of the little "slideshow" is a picture of the Faithful Steed. (Aww, did you hear that? She called me a Steed!)
The next picture is what I like to call, A Study in Logo.
In what can only be called an attempt to get myself in the pictures I present for your viewing pleasure: A Reflected Essence.
Following in the "human interest" motif I decided to get Dan in a shot. This picture has many subtlties to it that the naked eye cannot even begin to distinguish. So, that being the case take it at face value. I give you now: Blatant Subtly of a Backseat Driver.
In the final installment of the "get the friend in photo's" series I present to you a vision in grey, and yet so contrasted with the dark and light. I present to you: A Fine Line.
A short, but happy series on pictures of the city follows the "freinds" series. The first was captured as we were driving down the street. This I call, A Touch of the Old.
The final picture in tonight's show is a drastically dark and moody piece that I feel really conveys some of the subtle tones of the commercialism of the Christmas season. I give you: Dark City.

Thank you all for attending my little slide show/ expose... please come again, and next time bring food...



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