Saturday, January 11

As my mother pointed out in a comment I didn't post on my birthday. I was intending on leaving a post on the exact time of my birthday, but, as you might have noticed, TibenNet was down for almost a whole day. So this didn't allow for postings. And besides, I'm a busy guy. =)

What have I been up to? Well, lets see, yesterday (the 10th, Friday) was my 21st birthday. I hung out with Mathew (he used to manage at my store, he moved to crossroads), we "did" coffee. Then I went over to SPU and hung with Jess for a bit. From there I went to the UW and picked up Lisa and we went to the King's Players (the drama troup I used to be in, and my sister is currently in) dessert theater, to raise money for their mission trip this spring. After that Lisa and I hung out for a bit. (Drank tea, chatted, watched some interesting anime)

Then this morning I pried myself out of bed (I had a nasty headache and felt sick, and that is generally to be expected the day after you turn 21, but I didn't do any drinking of anything other than some tea, so I kind'a feel like I partied hard last night... only I didn't... sooo, the question remains, why do it!?) and went to work. Today at work seemed to be surprisingly busy. However, I did get to play Froggy today. We had a costume character "visit", and it was based off these books about this character named Froggy. So here I was a 5 foot 7 inches tall frog. It was fun. I would like to say I did it for the kids, but however my co-workers did get a good laugh out of it.

And now I am going to go watch the Lord of the Rings with the actor's commentary on! Oh... and I discovered I have all next weekend off! Friday, Saturday AND Sunday! What WILL I do with myself!?



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