Thursday, February 6

Hows this for crazy (Warning slight Irony ahead): I stay up late last night working on my Cisco homework as well as my mid-term. Then I pull myself out of bed at somewhere around 5amish (I think it was closer to 5:30, but my alarm went off at 5) from there I pulled everything together for the ski trip and school and load it all into my mom's car. I battle the parking lot we call the 405 and get to school. I get into class and am greeted by a note that the teacher had to leave because of some personal emergency and he won't be around this class. Ok, fair enough, there is always more Cisco HW to do. (And the note says that the mid-term is due on Tuesday) So I'm working away when someone comes in and says that our Cisco teacher has also called it in sick today as well. This means I have no class until 12:40. Which kind'a bothers me that I got up and got here when I did. Maybe I'll just sit here and rock back and fourth and sing little songs to myself... for the next 4 hours.

Or maybe I'll go hang out at American Music once they open up. Or maybe...



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