Monday, April 28

Just to prove to you that "Stupid Happens" Ben is going to tell you a tale from the store tonight:
Ben comes over to help cashier, rings up a couple customers, then the lines dies down a bit and he does some work. He then notices a person standing at the front of the line: "Can I help you Sir?"
'Sir': "Or madam, but that's alright."
Ben: "Oh [turning MANY shades of red], uh.. I call everyone Sir, it just saves me the hassle..."

Yes... I did call some lady sir. To top it off her name was Julie. Not something neutral like Aaron/Erin or Pat. *sigh* Yes, I was indeed kicking myself for a good part of the evening. But in my defense she said she gets it alot, and she DID look like an older guy.

In other news I ordered myself a laptop, complete with all the trimmings.

Now I am to bed.



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