Tuesday, May 6

Posted on the TibenNet.net main page

Well kids, here's the skinny, the 411, the "Low-Down" if you will:
-AnalogCafe.net is claimed and will be ready for bussiness soon.

Here is what services I can, and will, be providing for you folks FREE of CHARGE!
1. Free email addresses! EX: whatsherface@AnalogCafe.net (Rumor has it I have an "Unlimited" amount, so tell your friends...)
2. Free blog hosting! (None of this stuff anymore: http://www.tibennet.net/~myfacehere/, oh no You'll get: http://myfacehere.Analogcafe.net/)
3. More webspace! You can now upload pictures and include them in your (free) blog!
4. A new name, a new logo, and that means new MERCHANDISE! (Yes, this means I am running out of newish looking shirts!)

So that all said, tell you friends, your family. If you want blogs, I can host them. If you want email, I can give you one. It'll be fun!

Any websites on Tibennet will be transfered over. In their place will go a website with a little notification that the site has moved. This will stay up there for the rest of the year.

If you have any ideas for a logo, please, send me your ideas! I'm going to say this: "If you create a design that I like well enough to make the logo, free T-Shirt for you!"

Stay tuned here. Or maybe over there...



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