Thursday, June 5

Guess where I'm at!!

Hey all! Through the miracle of modern technology I come to you tonight from the UW campus. (In some computer lab where Lisa is working on some project.) This is really the first time i have had the chance to really get in to this whole mobile thing. It's pretty cool. Me Likey.

Dan got back last night and I got to meet his charming ladyfriend. WIll be spending some time getting to hang with dan and getting to know Jane. I look forward to it. I look forward even more to the fact that I don't have to work again until Monday! And then I work again on Wednseday and that's it for next week! Then I work on Sunday and 2 days off again! (Then it all breaks loose as Harry Potter 5 comes out. (June 21st) I'll try to keep you all updated on that. (We're getting 1850 copies of the book for the 21st!!))



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