Friday, July 18


When someone says, "Oh, he's very open minded." What does that say to you? Maybe I am just crazy, maybe I am reading into the connotation wrong, but when someone says that about someone I instantly think the person doesn't have enough brains to think for themselves. I think someone calling me "very openminded" would be an insult. If you have any kind of opinion or a creed, or belief upon which you stand and will not be moved, then you can't be "very openminded". I just don't think that "very openminded" and having opinions go together. Mainly because of everyone I think of that has been called, "very openminded" hasn't been all that great in my mind.

I think that we fail to see examples of "very openminded" people in history, because it's the people that strongly believed in something that made that thing happen. Just a thought for you.

On a quick side note here's a little Personality Quiz to tell if you're "very openminded" or not. (P.s. Make sure your sound is on...)

I leave tomorrow morning bright and early for Moscow. Maybe I'll get a chance to write you when I get there. Will deffinatly take some pictures for you all.




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