Wednesday, July 16


I am really, REALLY getting tired of hearing this, every morning now:

"Good morning the time is 5:15, yesterday another U.S. serviceman died in Iraq in a surprise bombing/shooting/accident another 6 were injured, this brings the total number of deaths to 33 since President Bush declared an end to hostility on the 1st of May."

I appreciate what they are doing over there, and that some of them are giving their lives for the Iraqi people, but frankly I DON'T WANT A DAILY DEATHCOUNT!! I am tired of it, especially when I wake up every morning. I can kind of understand that it might be NPR's way of honoring those people, but there are also so many people around the world that die every day.

Now what might be interesting/ fair to say would be something like this:

"Good morning the time is 5:15, yesterday _____ million people died of starvation around the world, _______ thousand people died of AIDS, ________ hundreds of people died in a car accidents yesterday in the US, and ________ people died fighting for their own freedom in other countries around the world that we never hear about. And in Iraq another Solider died to help the Iraqis with their freedom."

I think it's a little one sided. I hear how one solider dies pretty much everyday, but I never hear about any of the other millions that die a day. Maybe I'll write NPR a letter.



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