Wednesday, July 16


Tonight went fairly well at work. I actually clocked out BEFORE 11:40 tonight! Wooo... (And now it's midnight... Oh well)

We had an Eowyn standup book thing at work that came out today. And then the display had to be moved and the Eowyn standie had to come off of it. So Eowyn came home with me. I have yet to decide what to do with it. After the incredible success of my Orlando Bloom Legolas standie I might try to sell it... but I don't know that many people that drool over Eowyn in the movie like they do the "elf boy".

In other news, do you remember that author breakfast I attended a month or two ago? It was for the book Good Morning Killer and the author April Smith was there talking about her book and what-not. Well, it's a genre I have never read, and don't really think I'll start reading. Sooooo, when I found 3 books today in the store that I thought would be nice to own, but couldn't justify spending my own money on them, I simply returned the free book that was given to me at the signing (which was still in a bag in my car) and traded it for the books I wanted.

Speaking of one of my favorite authors, Robin Hobb (see above) has another book out next Febuary/ March-ish! Don't know if this excites anyone else other than myself, but I find it really rare that an author that sprung onto my radar within the last year and has become a favorite, lives in my state and occationally does book signing in the area. Maybe if I work on Bantam and my CRM now I can get her in store for a book signing. Would that not be great?

Tomorrow is a day off! Wish I could sleep in, but I have lot of Physics HW/ labs to do.



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