Saturday, July 12

Feel that!?

Do you ever get those expirences where something creeks, or moans or makes a sound that, for all the world like someone saying something? Case in point: I was doing some home work on my bed tonight and I needed a calculator so I got up off my bed. As I was leaving my bed it made a sound like someone muffled sobbing my name. That's creepy when things like that happen. It's not the first time something like that has happened in my room. Either the ceiling will creek oddly or I'll be half asleep and in a half dream something will make a sound (my keyboard makes crackling sounds at night for about 5 minutes after I have used it) and I'll sit upright and swear I heard someone calling my name.

It is extra creepy when it's dark outside... and I'm not sure if there is someone outside my window. Well, I'm not going to get into my fears and nightmares here and now. (hehe (weak laugh)) If I do I'll keep myself up all night...



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