Friday, July 11

And then Marvin said...

Hand over all your rabbits and no one gets hurt. Do it now! Hop to it! I don't carrot all if you don't want to give them over. You're standing too close to me... move a hare to the left.

Ryan and the Russia group got back safe and sound... well except for Alex, but that's another story. He's back... and I guess you can say he's safe.

Night number 2 with no folks around. (Yes the music is playing at this late hour!)

Going to go see "Pirates of the Carribean" tomorrow night with the lovely lady Lisa. (Who showed up at my work on the way to her work this evening. (Talk about a plesant surprise!))

If you haven't done so, check out Justin's blog over at the other server. He's a guy I used to work with at BN who is now living in Japan. He's for interesting reading.



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