Friday, October 10

It's better here...

As many of you know I am someone who generally backs up Microsoft and will support "the man" should anyone get down on him. Yet I have to admit that I have turned my back on him now. You see it started out simple: I wanted to learn the wonders of the CSS (cascading style sheet) language and was wowed by it. Then someone said that IE doesn't really support the REAL CSS. So what did I do? I went and DLed Netscape. ANd was I amazed. I am so impressed with Netscape 7.1 . The features and everything is I would say a step ahead of IE. I haven't seen much change in the past 2 versions of IE, but boy, the last time I played with Netscape was 3 versions ago and I am very impressed now. If you're running IE, you're missing out. Get it here.
The next step I'll be taking against MS is the loading of Red Hat Linux on my laptop.

Who knows what'll be next!



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