Sunday, January 18


I am home again and I have to say it is good to be back in the Seattle area. The plane flight was ok, the part before was a little odd. The security at Long Beach airport did everything BUT strip-search me. And then they took my little wallet swiss army kit.

Tonight Lisa took me to a place I had seen flying in. It was kind'a funny. I guess the name of the place is volunteer park. But I had seen this really cool area when I was flying over Seattle, and I said to myself, wow, I should try to go there sometime!

After I had arrived we (Lisa and I) decided to grab a bite to eat at a place that used to be a McDonalds, but was now a "Dave's", then we picked up her sister and went to the very same park I had seen from the air. I was quite impressed.

After that we dropped Katty off and went back to my house where we made vension stew. Which was pretty good. It was our first time attempting stew, but it was good non-the-less.



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