Tuesday, January 20

Pictures de la Cali Trip

Well, I am finally getting around to getting these things up from my trip. Hey, I'm not a one hour service center here...

First off we have family breakfast on my birthday with Dan's fam and mine as well. We did that at the Maltby cafe. (A high quality breakfasting establishment if ever I saw one)

Dan doing the "Blue Steel", and myself feeling like quite the hobbit next to him.

The next picture I have for you comes from Mt. Shasta:

Mt. Shasta Elev 14,162 (those last 2 feet are the hardest)

One must be careful driving in California near the Shasta area. Dan and I discovered some rather large bugs:


While the bugs might be big, the Sunsets are nice:


The next time I really took noteworthy pictures was the day we spent bumming around the San Fran area. First stop was Muir Woods, home of the large Red woods:

Be the tree!

From Muir we went to the Golden Gate Bridge:

This site always seems so scenic. (No, it's not REAL gold)

After we "did the gate", we headed to Pier 39, where we ate at Hard Rock cafe. This was the first time I had eaten at Hard Rock Cafe, in the states. The first time I ate there was in Madrid, Spain. Here are some shots from the pier:

Double Decker Carosel! (Puppets on the Pier (my most favorite puppet shop in the world) is just to the left.)

Dan and I chill'n at the end of the Pier

Then the Dan and I went adventuring around San Francisco and came upon a park, which I do not remember the name of, but here are the pics!

Impressive...(The birds are actual size!)

The Pine vs The Pillar, the age old battle continues.

The Swan I was hoping would swim into this shot was on break.

Sun is setting!

At some point on the trip too we visited the Mystery Spot. Which, is needless to say, a mystery.

Dan is mystified and I am trying to figure it out.

That completes the pictures I consider noteworthy. I didn't end up taking a lot of pictures towards the end of the trip, mainly because I didn't feel like it, what with my grandfather's death and all. Anyway, enjoy the pics!



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