Friday, April 30


I think today was one of the hottest days of the year so far. It was so hot in fact that when I usually drive with my windows down in my car (even in the winter sometimes), I rolled up my windows and ran the AC so that I was on the verge of freezing. I had to go by the doctor's office today to drop off the sheet that said I had gotten all shot up and as I approached the office my arm, where I got poked with the needle last week when I went in, (BTW: Ben does not do well when you try to draw blood out of his body. (He ends up passing out, then looking VERY white and generally surprising the medical staff by how white he can actually get.)) started to twitch and I could feel the needle once again jabbing into my flesh. I tried to laugh at myself but it actually took rubbing my arm and looking at it to make my arm stop twanging. I walked in tossed the paper to the girl at the desk and told her which nurse it was for and ran out before they decided I needed something else sharp stuck in me.



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