Wednesday, May 12

Alright! I will!

The link yesterday I was speaking of was none other than the Mathew that attacked my comments just a bit ago. You can find his musings (if you find them amusing) over at Iffageek.

In other news I got some serious time to work in te Newsstand today. I opened 10 boxes and shelved all the old stuff I had from a week or more ago on the shelves. My assistant opened 3 boxes and cleaned up a bit. So we're down to 11 boxes now. Then to distribute it all. We'll see what gets done tomorrow.

As I was newsstanding today I thought back on the time when the district manager came through and took a look at my poor zone. The only real thing she could find wrong with it was that the magazines were fanned, instead of behind the 1st magazine of the same title and overlapping the next title at least 50%. When she mentioned this one of the assistant managers jumped in and said, "Oh well that's probably more of a recovery issue." I then thought: Well, I've never heard about that rule before, and I know what the recovery issue is. The recovery issue is that they don't recover Newsstand. I wisely kept my mouth shut and just nodded.

Got a call from the SPU job guy today. I thought I had blown him off when he told me I could make 7.25 an hour working for them. However he was asking how much it would take for me to join. I guess there are 2 other people interested in the job, and honestly if he called me, when I had said that I wouldn't work for such a low price, and talk about seeing if he could bring the price up, means that my chances might be good for getting a job there, that pays more than 7.25. But we shall see. I didn't really expect to get it, and at the current price I don't want it. We'll see what happens. With gas prices what they are at the moment I mght decide to make the bus my new best friend.



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