Tuesday, May 11

Well, I like it...

Hey all,
I find myself yet again at the mercy of other people's breaks. Work fills its self up and things like Newsstand are left undone. However, this is one of those things like plumbing, that left undone, no one really notices until it's too late. Case in point: Magazine backstock contains some magazines from almost 2 weeks ago.

Why? Because I haven't had the proper time to put them out. When you only have 2 hours before the store opens a couple days a week you get to what you can. (Between opening the new boxes and getting that stuff out as well.) I resolved today that I would not open any more boxes until the backstock was cleared out. This will last me, about an hour I'm sure. As soon as I get it cleared I'll open the 20 or so boxes sitting at the foot of my desk.

I was mentioning to my store manager today that the district newsstand manager was coming next week (which we all know) and that she was going to be swinging by the store (which it seems we didn't all know) he kind'a gave me this look like, uh-oh, and then I think I heard something hit the fan. (If you take my meaning. (Mr. Frodo Sir)) We shall see if that'll give me more time to cover what needs covering.

Early to bed tonight, because it's early to rise tomorrow. A friend linked me from his new blog, however I don't know if he wants me to link to him. I won't do so until he says it's ok.

P.S. I'm kind'a freaked out. There is this little tree about 15-20 feet outside my window in my backyard and there is this robin sitting on the top of it. (It's only about as tall as I am... maybe smaller) And it's just sitting there... watching me. Cocking it's little dark head to the left. Then the right. Watching... always watching...



  1. (It's only about as tall as I am... maybe smaller)What? the robin? dude, i'd be freaking, too. call the epa! call the fbi! call seti! call fox! (cute backyard curiousity, or mutated suburban terror? when giant songbirds attack... next, following american idol...)

    ok. my wife has just informed me that she sees nothing odd about the sentence structure in that post-script, and that i'm a "humongous english nerd" or something to that effect. i didn't even point out that i'd be freaked if the tree was looking at me, too. well, never mind.


    ps -- of course you can link to my site! then i can run around my apartment complex hollering, "woohoo! i've been linked!!!" (or not. um. eenyhoo...)

  2. that attacked my comments just a bit ago. You can find his musings (if you find them amusing)...

    ow, and ow. i was just pointing out the humorous potential inherent in the vagueness permitted by the english language. every other language i know even a bit of (ok, two romance languages and japanese) has a very definite object/modifier-subject/antecedent relationship... besides, if i was attacking your comments, it would have ended, "...your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!" ;-)



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