Thursday, August 12

Sing me a song Mr. Pianoman...

I think most of you will probably know I'm not big on bars, taverns or pubs. Ocationally I'll slip into one if I hear that they provide some great form of sustinace other than alcohol. (read: burgers, pizza, etc)

Last night Lisa and the interns and myself went to go hang out a bit and we ended up in "The Golden Bee" which is (and I quote) "An authentic 19th-century English pub transported to the U.S. from London, famous for it's yard and half-size ales. In the evenings, a ragtime pianist leads a lively sing-along, with songbooks provided."

As bars/pubs/taverns go it was pretty clean and well lit. The music fired up about 8 and we rag-timed the night away. The piano guy was pretty good at what he did. However he was even better at mimicking voices of old singers. That was the amazing part.

After the Golden Bee, we went to walk around the Broadmoor hotel. Cheap rooms start at 235 a night and go up to 3100. The hotel is built around a lake. It seemed funny to me because most of the people I saw walking around, besides us, seemed to be in the early 50-60's age range. All the women seemed to be in "Sailor outfits" (white or khaki pants with a dark navy blue blazer that had an anchor emblazoned upon it somewhere.) The guys were primarily in slacks and polo shirts.

The whole Broadmoor area is highly ritzy and expensive. It was a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to spend too much time there.


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  1. Would you spend more time there if you could afford to, I wonder?


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