Monday, August 16

Quite the weekend...

Well, as you, my faithful and loyal readers have probably already read in Lisa's blog, I was indeed robbed. 1st Degree Criminal Trespass was performed on my poor car sometime between 12am and 7am on Friday morning. The perpetrator busted the lock on my car and then popped out the window. (They never used the lock, they just broke it) Then they proceeded to bust out parts of the dashboard to get to my CD player. Took the CD player, all my CD's, my GPS device, my AC converter/ laptop car power supply, and the hands free device for my phone. I would be really disappointed if I hadn't copied all of my CD's to my computer. So while I am missing the collection I have, I still have all the music on my laptop and desktop. (Besides the insurance company sure isn't going to reimburse me for 900 some odd dollars in CD's)

However, in taking all my stuff the perp left me a little something as well. Vacation pictures. On top of the stuff in my car (which was ransacked) I found pictures of people's vacation to the beach. Those were handed over to the police and maybe those will help them nail the person who did it.

I guess all in all I am not overly upset that my car got broken into. I think I learned a couple things about keeping my car safe and keeping things in my car that I wouldn't want to loose. And being as the insurance company is replacing my CD player it only costs me 16 bucks to upgrade the CD player to something that will do MP3's and WMAs. Thanks to God there.

That was my Friday. It was really crazy in that regard.
Saturday I had a migrain. I didn't do much of anything.
Sunday, I was headache free and Lisa and I spent it doing odds and ends. The dollar stores around Colorado Springs are really excellent. Dollar tree supplied me with some needed things for my apartment next year.

Today finds me back at work doing all sorts of stuff. Making calls to everyone involved in getting my car fixed and all that. I have 4 or 5 different people I have contact information for. My insurance agent, the claims adjuster, the company that does the CD player replacement, the Colorado Springs Police and the company that will be doing the body work. A lot of people and a lot of organizing.

All this just to say, my insurance company seems to work.



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