Tuesday, August 17


Indian all you can eat buffet. We're not talking Indian Native American here, we're talking India, like food from. The people that owned the place (Taste of India) were very Indian, this was a good sign to me that the food was going to be authentic.

Let me tell you! It was some good stuff. I had two(2) platefulls of all sorts of different stuff that I couldn't pronouce. But man was it good. Not overly spicy either. Just hot enough to make it interesting. If you ever find yourself in Colorado Springs and want some good Indian food, I HIGHLY suggest this place.



  1. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Oh sorry. I forgot to mention that this was a work (free meal #4) lunch.


  2. I recommend Chicken Tika Masala. Be carefull though, it's pretty hot.

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