Thursday, August 19

Denver International error-port

The other day Lisa called me up and asked if it would be ok if we drove out to the Denver International Airport and picked up an EMi person that was coming in. I was hesitant at first, but then she said we got paid 30 bucks for doing it. So, armed with the knowledge that I was being compensated for my time, we struck out last night for what the luggage tags like to call "DEN".

We left at 3:45pm arrived at the DIA at 5:15. I found parking in the "full" parking lot and then grabbed some grub with Lisa. (Panda Express) The DIA is quite amazing. The "roof" is nothing more than some very large stretched canvas. All the lights aim up at the ceiling and hit this white canvas and so the light is all diffused around the airport.

The supposed flight we were looking for was supposed to be coming in at 6:20pm from London. We waited by the international flight exit. And waited, and then we waited more. After a healthy time of waiting we went and checked with the airport information area to get the person paged. And then we waited some more. Then we went and got ice cream and strolled around the airport. Finally at 8:45 we found our person and moved out to the car. It seems that she landed in Washington DC and then flew to Denver, so while we were told she was coming from London (and she was) she stopped and did customs already, which we didn't know. We were on one side of the airport, and she was on the other. It's all fun and games until someone looses a passenger.



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